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Employee of the Month

LTM operate an Employee of the month scheme. This was set up in 2009 to recognise and reward the hard work and dedication of individual employees across all LTM divisions. Each month nominations are forwarded to Steven Laing who makes the final decision. The employee is then notified and awarded £100 cash reward for their commitment and contribution to LTM’s ongoing success.

The Employee of the Month recognition is not a substitute for our annual Employee of the Year award, the day-to-day positive recognition or reasonable pay and benefits the company has to offer. It is really just another way of giving a special thank you to our top employee’s for their outstanding contribution in that month.

Employee of the Month - February 2012: Vincent Joigny

Congratulations go to Vincent for his excellent work recreating the ceiling rose for the Holme Rose Project and for his great patience, skill and dexterity shown throughout.

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