LTM Malta

LTM Malta is a collaboration of our UK business model strengthened by our Heritage Malta associates which strives to offer professional LTM services drawing on indigenous crafts skills.

Photo of a Group of Maltese StudentsWe are a coalition generated from LTM’s long term friendship with like-minded heritage and traditional skills training bodies within the beautiful island of Malta - Heritage Malta and MCAST Conservation College. This pioneering and innovative partnership has facilitated cross fertilisation of skills and will ensure the conservation and repair of the unique Maltese built heritage, drawing on the expertise of indigenous conservation experts and LTM craftspeople.

‘An Unforgettable Experience’

“I want to thank all the Laing Traditional Masonry teams for the unforgettable experience and skills that I have gained working with your company over the last year. This is truly a company I want to be part of either in the UK or in Malta. Thanks a lot!”

Josef Sant - Maltese Student on the Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship and employee of Laing Traditional Masonry Ltd.

“Trading on Traditional Skills and Expertise”

Photo of a Group of Maltese Students


LTM have hosted the Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship for the past 4 years. During this period we have trained about 20 Maltese students in the LTM ethos... once they are finished they become master repairs ‘mastri’.”

Steven Laing

Managing Director
LTM Group