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Over the years LTM has developed a good relationship with Heritage Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). We have hosted the Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship over a number of years, allowing students from Malta to develop practical skills on live conservation projects, building a friendship based on the preservation of the built heritage. Partly as a result, LTM Group have made it their business to develop a Maltese Division that can Adopt and Train Maltese students to create the future generation of skilled Mastri.

Maltese Students working on Moses Well BridgeLTM Malta was established as a separate division within LTM Group to further develop this cross-fertilisation of ideas and practices. LTM Malta will adopt LTM’s tried and tested business model, by employing indigenous resources where possible and implementing quality control measures and continuous training to ensure future growth. The objective is to provide a professional restoration company that carries out quality work using trained operatives. With local Maltese support LTM Malta can help conserve their unique built heritage.

Malta Students


LTM have hosted the Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship for the past 4 years. During this period we have trained about 20 Maltese students in the LTM ethos... once they are finished they become master repairs ‘mastri’.”

Steven Laing

Managing Director
LTM Group

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