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LTM Consultancy & IHBC

LTM Consultancy are now a Recognised IHBC (Institute of Historic Building Conservation) Historic Environment Service Provider!

The “Historic Environment Service Providers’ Recognition scheme, HESPR, is the IHBC’s recognition and promotion service for companies and practices – service providers – that seek to operate in accordance with the IHBC’s guiding principles and standards of historic environment conservation, principally our Code of Conduct. Recognition under HESPR allows the IHBC to ‘recognise’, and publicly acknowledge, the historic environment service standard of a company on the basis of a corresponding professional endorsement by an employee of that company, the Designated Service Adviser (DSA), who is a Full Member of the IHBC and is employed by that company”.

LTM’s Designated Service Advisor is Craig Frew MSc IHBC, Technical Consultant who has been a full member of the IHBC since 2004.

Craig can be contacted on 01592 202103 or by e-mail craig@traditionalmasonry.co.uk

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