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SQA Approved Centre Status

SQA Approved Centre Status

SQA Approved Centre Status

In October 2010, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) formally recognised LTM as an Approved Centre for delivering the National Progression Award (NPA) in the Conservation of Masonry.

We are the first private construction contractor to be authorised as a SQA Approved Centre. This means that we are a now a college – we can train and assess SQA candidates.

This is a unique achievement and heralds a new era in delivering vocational, educational training on live LTM projects. SQA have recognised and approved our ability to deliver the NPA in-house and on-site – this has never been done before!

The NPA will be integrated into our in-house Building Conservation Trainee (BCT) programme. It will form the first year and be delivered through both classroom teaching and on-site training. It will provide our employees with essential knowledge and understanding of the conservation industry, giving them the confidence to apply conservation principles to every LTM project.

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