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Straw Bale Construction

Andrew Morrison’s Straw Bale Course, Oregon, USA.

Andrew Morrison’s Straw Bale Course, Oregon, USA.

Following five of LTM’s Project Leaders attendance at a straw bale course run by Amazonails, Steven Laing has participated in a week’s intensive course in Oregon (USA), run by Andrew Morrison.

Both Andrew Morrison and Amazonails are leading experts in straw bale construction, and provided the opportunity for LTM to gain knowledge on both UK and American practices.

These skills will become vital on LTM’s proposed design and build contract with ActionKintore, which will see the construction of the Kintore Youth Centre, currently at planning stage, and which will hopefully get underway in Summer 2010.

This project will be an exciting opportunity for LTM to work closely with the community of Kintore, providing a series of workshops which will allow the youngsters to gain hands on experience, promoting ownership and personal development.

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