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Partnering with Barnardo’s Scotland

Jamie Elder is just one of LTM for Others examples of a successful collaboration with Barnardo’s of Scotland to offer effectiveness in getting young people into jobs. Jamie who had been employed now with LTM Group for over 18 months has proven to be a key member in one of our Inverness Teams.

With one in six people under the age of 25 now out of work it is evident that young people have been far harder hit by unemployment than any other age group. Nearly 200,000 of the 573,000 made jobless in the last year were aged between 18 and 24.

The situation is worse for those leaving school aged 16-17 where the national figures show 60 per cent are classed as economically inactive.

The knock-on effects of youth unemployment on this scale are vast and should not be underestimated. Losing a generation from the labour market will present us with a triple deficit of social, economic and opportunity cost.

Barnardo’s Scotland examines the problem and looks at opportunities to bring more youngsters into the workforce and LTM for Others aim to continue to work closely with them to train and develop the next generation of craftspeople.


“Caring for Community and Culture.”

Photograph of a Trainee completing Lime Mortar Pointing

Excellent Training

“I really enjoy my work with LTM Group travelling Scotland and working on beautiful jobs which I am really passionate about. The training has been excellent as I have achieved the National Progression Award in Building Conservation accreditation. This is the first real job that I have been dedicated to and now I just want to get better and teach others.”

Jamie Elder
LTM Group

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