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Areas of Building Conservation Expertise

Scotland is defined by its historic built environment. Our architectural heritage is distinct and unique, reflecting the nation’s development over the past 2,000 years to the present day.

LTM recognise the need to conserve and repair Scotland’s historic buildings for future generations, to preserve our cultural identity and sense of place. We are at the forefront of the building conservation industry in Scotland: we have made it our business to mentor, train and educate the next generation of craftspeople for the 21st century, focusing on the conservation of our built heritage using traditional building materials and techniques.

We have a wealth of experience on all building types across Scotland, from the 16th century Scots Tower in rural Aberdeenshire to the contemporary private chapel in the remote Highlands. This variety of projects has helped create an exceptional team of skilled stonemasons and apprentices trained and experienced in a number of craft skills. These masonry teams are strategically placed throughout the country to reflect our expanding geographical coverage and client base - and to meet your needs.

We have also categorised some of our more notable Projects as Project Case Studies.

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