BCT Modern Apprenticeship

BCT Modern Apprenticeship ... Learn while you EARN!

LTM Group is committed to developing the next generation of craftspersons for the 21st century. The new Modern Apprenticeship is the vehicle for delivering training on live LTM Projects, providing structured ‘on-the-job’ learning on the conservation of masonry.

Welcome to the future ... LTM Academy on-site training for technician apprentices.

What is the BCT MA?

Our vision is to train young apprentices on live LTM sites, focusing on the conservation and repair of historic masonry buildings.

The BCT Modern Apprenticeship is based on real work experience and two SQA qualifications:-

  • The National Progression Award (NPA) in the onservation of Masonry, developed by Historic Scotland to meet the needs of a craftsman working on historic buildings.
  • The Vocational Qualification (VQ) in Construction Contracting Operations (Site Technician), covering the underpinning knowledge and understanding required to operate within the modern construction industry.

BCT Apprentices undertake a three year training programme, during which they work on numerous LTM Projects throughout Scotland. They become an integral part of their LTM Team, working under supervision and direction of their time-served Project Leader.

The NPA The VQ
Principles of Conservation in the Built Heritage Operate Health, Safety and Welfare Systems
Working with Traditional Mortars Prepare Programmes and Schedules of Work
Masonry Materials and Performance Develop and Maintain Working Relationships of Personal Development
Consolidation of Masonry Structures Implement Contract Work
Masonry Repairs Establish and Maintain the Dimensional Control of Works
Surface Finishing to Masonry Walling Plus one additional unit, to be selected

How is the BCT MA delivered?

The BCT Modern Apprenticeship is designed to allow young people to be mentored by existing craftsmen as they have been for thousands of years; where it is different is that these craftsmen are trained to carry out assessments to SVQ Level 3 and that the apprentices will follow a structured workplace training program delivered over a three year period.

The first two years concentrate on the NPA and VQ qualification; the BCT Modern Apprentices achieve their qualifications through a variety of assessment methods. They record their workplace experience by developing a work portfolio, demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by completing a study portfolio, and are finally assessed through formal on-the-job assessments and classroom examinations. The final year focuses on the development of core skills and expertise; this will hone the apprentices’ practical skills to ensure competency in all aspects of masonry conservation and site procedures.

This unique program allows our apprentices to gain qualifications normally only completed in a simulated college environment, and ensure they are capable of applying their vocational skills in the real world workplace. The qualifications are delivered through onsite training and supported by classroom teaching where required. There is also an obligation on the part of the apprentice to carry out a program of home study.

The BCT salary will be based on current MA rates. The successful candidate should be aware that there is a requirement for a significant amount of travel and time spent away from home during the apprenticeship.

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LTM Academy Student Lime Pointing LTM Academy Students working with Lime Mortar
Apprentice Stonemason Stone Carving

Investing in People

“We see training as an investment, not just in the company’s success, but in the future of the built heritage sector as a whole. As a result, clients see us as a dependable, reputable organisation with a thorough understanding of their needs.”

Steven Laing,
Managing Director
- LTM Group

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