Building Conservation Trainee

LTM recognises that with a desperate decline of craft skills required to repair, maintain and conserve our built heritage there is a need to support the future generation of craftspeople and rediscover the use of traditional materials.

In recognition of this need LTM has developed a training programme to create a new generation of 21st Century repairers.

Trainee’s undertake the Building Conservation in-house training programme with the view to gaining an extensive understanding and experience of masonry conservation works including the use and application of traditional materials and methods.

Trainee’s are supported in acquiring the skills and knowledge however, individuals will be responsible for managing their own learning including completion of training record sheets which demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. On completion of the training programme, the training record sheets will be assessed and if deemed competent will be submitted as evidence for a National Progression Award.

Please read how to apply for the Training Programme and Becoming a Building Conservation Trainee.

As an Enrolled Practice LTM are committed to the design values and built environment principles held by the Foundation for the Built Environment.

The Prince’s Foundation for the built environment is a charity which exists to improve the quality of people’s lives by teaching and practising timeless and ecological ways of planning, designing and building.

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