Stonemasonry Apprentices

Each Spring LTM hold an apprentice recruitment Open Day with the view to recruiting the next generation of Stonemasons who will undertake a 4 year craft apprenticeship and learn the trade of stonemasonry.

The apprenticeship offers the opportunity to gain a wide range of experience onsite and involvement in the day to day running of a LTM project including masonry consolidation, dressing stone and building stone as well as many other conservation practices and general routine maintenance of properties.

Apprentices will attend college in Years 2 and 3, on a block release basis, to undertake further study with the view to developing their knowledge, understanding and experience to allow them to successfully work towards and complete their stonemasonry apprenticeship. The final year of the apprenticeship consists of onsite training and skills test.

The LTM Apprenticeship Programme is open to all however candidates should be enthusiastic, willing to learn and committed to their chosen career. Candidates should demonstrate an interest and care for the buildings, the workplace and environment around them.

Please read how to apply for the LTM Apprenticeship Programme and Become an LTM Apprentice.

As an Enrolled Practice LTM are committed to the design values and built environment principles held by the Foundation for the Built Environment.

The Prince’s Foundation for the built environment is a charity which exists to improve the quality of people’s lives by teaching and practising timeless and ecological ways of planning, designing and building.

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