Mary Slessor Memorial - Aberdeen

The Mary Slessor Memorial is located in the Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen. It is a tribute to Mary Slessor (1848 - 1915), a United Presbyterian Church of Scotland missionary in Calabar, eastern Nigeria. She became known as the 'white queen of Okoyong', recognised for her determined work and strong personality which earned her the respect of local African tribes, spreading Christianity and promoting women's rights. To them she was "Mother of All The Peoples" or, more simply, "Ma". Mary Slessor is commemorated today on the £10 banknote issued in Scotland by the Clydesdale Bank.

Scope of Work

Mary Slessor Memorial: setting out concrete foundation and granite set.

Pictured: Mary Slessor Memorial: setting out concrete foundation and granite set.

LTM were contracted by the artist to uplift and install the granite structure onto a concrete base secured with stainless steel starter bars; works included laying the circular granite set foundation.

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Mary Slessor Memorial: completed works detail.


Mary Slessor Memorial - Aberdeen

Area of Expertise

Monuments and Memorials

Craft Skills & Solutions

  • Letter Cutting

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Mary Slessor Memorial - Aberdeen

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