Hamilton Place - Hamilton Place, Aberdeen

Hamilton Place is located in the west end of Aberdeen. The street comprises a number of semi-detached two-storey villas, representing the city’s late 19th century expansion. The property is constructed in mass masonry granite bedded in ‘hot’ lime mortars.

Scope of Work

Cementitious mortar over original lime mortars.

Pictured: Cementitious mortar over original lime mortars.

LTM were contracted by the owner to undertake the conservation and repair of the external masonry. Works concentrated on the front elevation and included the careful removal of cement mortars and repointing with traditional lime mortars. To complete the work, the facade was lightly cleaned with a weak biocide solution to enhance the appearance of the property.

The client was satisfied with the work and LTM were contracted to carry out a second phase of work to carefully remove the cement pointing to the gable end and chimney and replace with a more appropriate lime mortar. Careful repointing of the chimney cope stone and the skew stones with a more robust hydraulic lime was require to maintain the weatherproofing ability of these exposed details, and the chimney cans were re-bedded with a new hydraulic lime haunching.

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Hamilton Place: front elevation.


Hamilton Place - Hamilton Place, Aberdeen

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Hamilton Place - Hamilton Place, Aberdeen

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