LTM Materials Store

LTM Materials Store supplies quality traditional building materials to both trade and private customers.

We offer a range of materials for the appropriate conservation and repair of the built heritage, specialising in the supply of time honoured mortars that are carefully selected by our craftspeople.

Natural Lime Products

1. Roundtower NHL 2
Roundtower NHL 2

Description: Used for internal plastering and externally where the masonry is made up of a soft material.

Quantity: 25Kg Bag

Cost: £15.50 ex VAT

2. Roundtower NHL 3.5 Grey
Roundtower NHL 3.5 Grey

Description: Used mainly for masonry and external plaster works. The most popular material for new build work.

Quantity: 25Kg Bag

Cost: £15.50 ex VAT

3. Roundtower NHL 3.5 White
Roundtower NHL 3.5 White

Description: Another NHL 3.5 with the exception that it has a higher 'whiteness' and is useful when colour matching mortars.

Quantity: 25Kg Bag

Cost: £15.50 ex VAT

4. Roundtower NHL 5.0
Roundtower NHL 5.0

Description: This material is used in areas of high exposure such as in marine environments, wall copings, lime concrete, etc.

Quantity: 25Kg Bag

Cost: £15.50 ex VAT

5. Lime Putty
Lime Putty

Description: Used mainly on historic buildings, soft masonry and where exact mortar matches are important.

Quantity: 20 Litre Tub

Cost: £21.99 ex VAT

Other Products and Materials

1. Hessian

Description: Used for protecting fresh lime mortars from direct sunlight and strong winds, to ensure mortar carbonates proparly.

Quantity: Per 1.8m x 4.6m Roll

Cost: £57.70 ex VAT

2. Churn Brushes
Churn Brushes

Description: Used for cleaning and scraping or 'beating' back pointing mortars to reveal surface texture.

Quantity: 1

Cost: £4.99 ex VAT

3. Lime Wash Brushes
Lime Wash Brushes

Description: Used for applying and burnishing limewash onto masonry and harled / rendered surfaces.

Quantity: 1

Cost: £4.99 ex VAT

4. Various Colour Pigments
Various Colour Pigments

Description: Used for colouring lime mortars to match existing or to suit requirements.

Quantity: 500g Tub

Cost: £8.99 ex VAT

5. Burnt Sand Mastic & Oil
Burnt Sand Mastic & Oil

Description: Used for pointing junction between timber window and masonry reveal.

Quantity: 25 Kg Tub & Oil

Cost: £21.99 ex VAT

6. Marble Adhesive & Hardener
Marble Adhesive & Hardener

Description: Used as a stone glue to consolidate friable masonry.

Quantity: 1 Litre Tub

Cost: £13.99 ex VAT

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