Commended - Natural Stone Award, 2006 - Kings College Crown

The Natural Stone Awards are presented by Stone Federation Great Britain to celebrate the use of natural stone as an attractive, traditional, yet vitally modern building material. The judges focus on the overall quality of the work undertaken, demonstrating commitment to excellence, both in the design and the execution of the design.

There is a range of criteria including: sympathy of scale to any surrounding building or features; understanding of stone detailing and weathering; innovative use of stone. There are five categories: New Build, Repair and Restoration, Interiors, Landscaping and Craftsmanship.

LTM were presented a Commended Award for Kings College Crown under the Repair and Restoration in 2006.

“This is a well judged job, commendable for its conservative approach, very sparingly done. It is a restoration in a good Scottish tradition, revitalising the building.”

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